Mary Jane

by SUPER 8

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'MARY JANE!' - SUPER 8's stab at a 'classic' 3 minute Summer 'Pop' single!

And don't forget to check out the 'oh so serious!' music video for it here:



Mary Jane, she comes & goes, but where she goes no-one knows
She says she will, then she won't - I don't know
She left me hanging out to dry, I'm hung up on the line.
Going out of my mind all the time

Reservations at the station let you down
While the highway men get street-wise with the clowns
And Mary Jane's nowhere to be found

All these days pass me by, January-July,
This year's over before it's begun
There's no questioning why, when you're flying so high
You forget when it's time to come down.

Came to my senses, lowered my defences
Though I'm still believing you've got me daydreaming ....
Mary Jane, love to turn you on ...

Mary Jane, Mary Jane, MARY JANE!


released July 25, 2017
Written, performed, recorded & produced by Paul Ryan AKA TRiP
(c) 'Trippy Toons!'



all rights reserved



UK-based act performing, recording & producing original, homegrown muzak (aka 'Trippy Toons!')

Influences: THE MONKEES

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